The Crew Management division of
IMRA Group has succeeded within fifteen years to gain a respectable position within the local market by offering innovative and cost effective solutions to all its clients.

From simple Recruitment Placements up to Crew Management for entire drilling / production rigs or for merchant ships, we have managed to achieve a wide range of clients from Western Europe, South-East Asia, North America, West Africa and the Middle-East.


President & CEO is Mr. Harry-Michelle Boiagian (Eng.), an educated and well-known Rotarian from Constanta that has established I.M.R.A. Ltd. and is over-watching its firm and certain development. His position of Foreign Relations Secretary within Rotary Club of Constanta offered to I.M.R.A. Ltd. a great opportunity to get in touch with many foreign partners interested in business co-operations.


EVP & Managing Director is Mr. Lucian-Gabriel Asanachescu (Ps.) that have an impressive and solid background within Recruitment & Crew Management areas. In his capacity of Managing Director, he’s handling and coordinating all day-by-day operations, over-watching and maintaining the good well going of already established relationships, but also looking after new challenging opportunities, as well.




The entire staff of I.M.R.A. Ltd. it's all the time to your complete disposal in order to provide its best services and to fulfill with promptness & efficiency all your Romanian and other Central / Eastern European personnel enquiries.

For a better understanding of our operations, please find below-under our Group structure, as follow:




































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