This is a Short Overview upon Romanian Shipping Industry during the last 19 years...

There was a Merchant Fleet….Indeed, it looks like an ancient story, but that is how the story goes! The Romanian Merchant Fleet had over 320 vessels (tankers, dry cargoes, containers, Ro-Ro, bulk carriers, tugs and coastal vessels) and over 12.000 experienced seafarers.

Early 1990s, all these ships have been arrested for huge debts and soon enough Romanian seafarers have been forced to start looking after new opportunities in their career and therefore, in full accordance with the Decree No 428 / 1991 released by the Romanian Government, the Romanian Maritime personnel became free to sign-on onboard foreign vessels.


Accordingly with their professional training, Romanian seafarers found quickly new jobs and have been very appreciated by all the companies where they have been sailed. In order to make yourselves a better image upon those highly quoted Companies, we're mentioning Torvald Klaveness, P&O Nedloyd, Maersk, Bergen Shipping, Zim Line, CMA-CGM, Socomar Shipping, Italmare, Deiulemar, Ermis and many other companies from Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, North America and South-East Asia, as well. In addition, they found themselves new jobs either directly or through other foreign Crewing Agencies. They could prove their capabilities to handle with the most sophisticated type of vessels, sailing without problems on general cargoes, bulk carriers, tankers, ro-ro & ferries, containers, LPG / LNG, reefers, passengers, coastal vessels or entering within oil offshore industry.


Also, a great development has been registered with Romanian personnel for Cruise Liners as the world-wide Cruises Companies have selected local personnel for their high education level (at least 2-3 languages speakers) giving a real opportunity for those with previous experience in 4-5 Stars Hotels world-wide. Therefore, since 1990 Romania got at least 5,000 persons already experienced in companies such as Carnival, Disney, Royal Caribbean, Cunard, P&O, Cristal, Cardinal and many other reputed Companies specialized in Cruises personnel recruitment.

Generally speaking, the Romanian maritime personnel it's appreciated world-wide and there's a great interest in maritime and inland qualified personnel as well as in hospitality personnel due to their already proven professionalism to handle most complex duties and of course, due to their outstanding behavior among other nationalities.


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