We are able to provide you with skilled personnel for Hospitality Department with previous experience aboard cruise liners, passenger vessels or well-quoted 5 stars hotels worldwide, starting from Housekeeping Manager until concierges.



For the Food & Beverages Department we're able to provide you with qualified, educated and very appreciated personnel with previous experience in reputed cruises companies such as: Carnival Cruise Line, Clipper Cruise Line, Cunard Line, WindStar Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Festival Cruises, Golden Star Cruises Royal Olympic Cruises, P&O Cruises or in prestigious hotels world-wide such as: Marriot Hotel, Inter-Continental Hotel, Fairmont Hotel, Burj Al Arab Hotel and many more.


We're covering also the Entertainment and Health & Care Department in order to make sure that we'll bring satisfaction of complete services toward our clients:



• doctors and nurses
• physiotherapists & masseurs
• hair and nails stylist
• baby sitters
• music bands
• singers
• comedians



I.M.R.A. Ltd. - Crewing Department
provides all its clients with skilled Maritime Officers and Ratings from Romania with outstanding conduct and behavior aboard, with appreciated previous experience on most sophisticated type of merchant vessels starting with bulk carriers, containers, tankers, lpg/lng, ro-ro & ferries, passengers, cargoes, cement, tug boats and others. All those interested in achieving qualified Maritime Crews for their fleet, please do not hesitate to ask for more details in this respect and we’ll provide you with a full proposal for crew management or crew manning – recruitment only.




Accordingly with latest events in shipping industry and all new
I.M.O. rules and regulations, there are few major items to follow by all Ship Owners or Despondent Owners, as follow:


• the estimated growth of freight's value since 2003 and the (re)development of the entire shipping market starting 2004;
• the world-wide estimated miss (necessity) of 42,000 - 45,000 Maritime Officers in the next 7 (seven) years;
• the respect of
I.S.M. / I.M.O. rules & regulations and Ship Owners / Operators interest in those rules & regulations compliance;
• the Officer's embarking only holding a Maritime License issued by a Governmental Authority after they graduate a Maritime Academy / University (accordingly with new
I.M.O. rules and regulations);
• the
I.M.O. courses / assessments made ONLY in Institutions recognized & authorized by I.M.O.;
• the continuous and increasing interest of Ship Owners, Operators and Crewing Agencies from Western European and Middle East Countries in embarking Romanian seafarers (especially Officers).


It seems that Romanian maritime personnel could be a perfect solution in those issues solving as long as the majority of those Ship Owners & Ship Operators are going to sign or already have been signed Crewing Agreements with local Crewing Agencies, already opened or are manifesting their intention to open their own Crew Branches in Romania.


All those Ship Owners / Ship Operators seriously taken by now into account the
I.S.M. / I.M.O. requirements and they found out in Romanian seafarers a solution for fulfilling all these requirements, as follow:


• the Officers graduates Romanian Naval Academy or Merchant Maritime University (both from Constanta) and after 5 years of highly training; their Maritime Licenses are issued only by Ministry of Transports;
• the Rating's maritime certificates of competency are issued also only by Ministry of Transports after Maritime High School or Maritime Training Courses graduation;
• the
I.M.O. courses / assessments (and any other additional courses) are made only in MARITIME TRAINING CENTRE from Constanta, a Governmental Institution which is considered the biggest I.M.O. recognized & authorized Institution from Eastern European Countries (it's part of UNCTAD - TRAINMAR NETWORK), being included into the "White-List I.M.O."; this Institution provides all the courses, assessments, training, testing, evaluations & familiarizations for Romanian and foreign seafarers in the same time;
• the Cadet programs can be updated and we may comply with all of them, fulfilling by now the estimated miss of 45,000 Officers in the next 6 years; updating their own training programs in due time, these Ship Owners obtains stability of crews on board their vessels and a higher level of work quality.
• lower global costs & expenses involved in this activity;
• another advantage of Romanian Personnel signing-on is that all of them have good educational background and majority of them have good command of English, French or Italian due to Colleges or High Schools graduation


After our humble opinion, those Ship Owners / Ship Managers made or are going to make an ingenious move in all respects:


• Romanian seafarers low wages' level;
• the Union Fees & Social Protection costs are also low;
• the full respect of
I.M.O. rules & regulations with low costs, too;
• co-operation / own offices costs were also taken into account.

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