The Crew Management division of IMRA Group has performed outstanding services and offered client’ tailored solutions since its establishment in 1994 and since then we have developed our working systems, procedures and payrolling system in order to offer better services to our clients among which we’ll mention the most representatives ones, as follow:



Larsen Oil & Gas (Norway)
Modec International (Singapore)
Chevron (U.S.A.)
Shell Oil (Netherlands)
NCL Cruises (U.S.A.)
Fratelli Cosulich (Italy)


We have succeeded to carryout major projects worldwide, supplying skilled maritime & hospitality personnel for:


Offshore Rigs
Oil Tankers
Bulk Carriers
Ro-Ro & Ferries
Cargoes / AHTS
Fishing Vessels


The Crew Management division of IMRA Group has within its databases qualified maritime Officers and Ratings with long sea service in foreign Companies (especially Western European companies). Our personnel performance during sea service has been found professionally and very useful for ship's functioning, being also able to prove their capabilities to handle with the most sophisticated type of vessels. In the same time, we are supplying specialized teams for ships repairs (fitters, welders, mechanics, electricians etc) and marine / shipyards superintendents.



The entire crews supplied by I.M.R.A. Ltd. are in full accordance with
S.T.C.W. '95 & S.O.L.A.S. and completely complying with all new I.M.O. rules and regulations. Therefore, if you are looking after Officers, Ratings or specialized offshore personnel (i.e. Subsea Engineers, ROV Operators, Toolpushers, Drillers, etc.) please do not hesitate to contact us directly at and we will send you a complete offer along with the advantages of hiring our personnel.


IMRA Group developed and perfected a client tailored full-project support package of Crew Management Solutions, that can be adapted and customized according to your requirements and adhere to your company’s guidelines and policies. From recruitment to entire logistical support and payroll compliance, we take charge of your crewing operations delivering single source accountability and reducing administrative burdens to help keep your project on time and on budget.


Crew Management Services


A. Hiring Process B. Travel & Logistic Coordination

1. Documents Check-up 1. Airfares Procurement & Travel

2. Pre-medical Exam 2. Admin & Logistic Coordination

3. Employment Procedure 3. Custom Clearance Services

4. Visas Obtaining 4. Crew Change Coordination

5. Ground Travel Transportation

6. On demand Vaccination


C. Payrolling D. Training


1. Bank Account Set-up 1. Training Courses (Alliance Partners)

2. Payrolling Coordination (Client Support) 2. TWIC card – obtaining guidance

3. Salaries Payment (Client Instructions) 3. Safe Gulf training & Card Obtaining

4. Pay Slips & Payment Orders Issuance


E. Catering


1. Offering catering solutions through our alliance companies









IMRA Ltd. is exclusively focused upon
Maritime and Oil & Gas Recruitment, either for offshore or onshore area of operation. Even though, within the IMRA Group we do have other subsidiaries covering as follow:





Health & Care

Sales & Acc.



Admin & PR




If you are interested in obtaining the services of any of these subsidiaries, please send us an enquiry to specifying exactly the industry that you are currently recruiting for.


Recruitment General Services


IMRA Group can introduce you to an elite group of professionals. Our staff carefully selects the candidates based on their qualifications as they relate to your specified needs. Our recruitment process includes the following services:


o Client / Project Pre-qualification o Advertising (as per client JD’s)


o Registration of CV’s o CVs Pre-Screening (registered & database CV’s)


o Short-Listing of suitable candidates o Documents / Credentials Check-up


o Interviewing (with / without client representative):


Interview set-up (conference room, etc)


Interview sustaining:

o Face-to-face

o Phone conducted

o Video conducted


Interview resuming




For its provided services I.M.R.A. Ltd. it's charging its clients using multiple fee’s systems in order to offer flexibility and allow each client to choose the suitable fee’s system for its project’ needs:

o Crew Management Fee

o Monthly Fee

o Single Time (Placement) Fee

(project coordination – based on percent)


(applicable usually for rotational projects)

(either pro-rated or per each supplied candidate).





In order to get a better understanding of our Group, its working systems, covered areas, subsidiaries and other relevant information, please download our E-Brochure.





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